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You can now find CatholicPsych in Manhattan!

A new collaboration: CatholicPsych and the Gianna Center

We are excited to announce a new collaboration between the CatholicPsych Institute and the Gianna Center in NY.

 As we are a union of body and spirit, treatment for disease and disorder should be approached with both body and spirit in mind. Catholic Psychology takes this union into account, and so does Catholic Medicine.

Referrals have been made between the Gianna Center for Women’s Health and CatholicPsych Institute for years, so we have finally decided to make the trip from one office to another much easier on our patients.

We are back for therapy in New York City at the Gianna Center! You can find anything else in New York, so why not solid Catholic healthcare?

Find us 2 blocks from Grand Central Station.

What we specialize in:

  • marriage and family issues
  • anxiety or depression
  • many other individual issues

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